Blockchain in Russian Universities to Control Education Quality

Blockchain is a technology that has undoubtedly made or will soon make its way into almost every part of our lives. Blockchain technology is one of the latest and most prominent resources for developing the way we understand and use things.

Although this technology is considered almost synonymous to cryptocurrency by most people, it has many more applications and much more potential. By powering cryptocurrencies, Blockchain has proved that it can improve the existing system of transactions and payments by eliminating the involvement of a third party and making the process more transparent.

This technology was somewhat of a concern for a long time. Almost a decade has passed since blockchain was implemented widely in Bitcoin and after a long wait, finally, more and more countries and organizations are understanding its value and what it holds for them in the future. The last one year has seen significant progress for this technology, and many countries like Switzerland and Malta have started to invest in its development.

In the latest of developments, blockchain has now successfully captured its place in yet another of our important everyday tasks, i.e, exams. The department of education in the Russian government, also known as The Russian Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Education and Science, has declared that the main graduate exam of Russia is now going to have blockchain implemented in its system.

This exam, namely the Unified State Exam (USE), is one of the most important exams held in Russia because it is the only barrier, as well as, gateway to getting admission in any Russian graduation school. It is also the main preliminary exam in Russian universities. This information was released by the head of the Federal Service, stating that this technology will now be used for better printing and scanning of the exam.

Just a week ago, the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia launched a blockchain-based platform, which will be used to track natural diamonds in order to check the authenticity of diamond products in all supply chains throughout every step – starting from extraction and polishing to finally selling to the owner. Several such developments have emerged in and around Russia, as well as, throughout the rest of the world.

Implementing this technology in an exam as important as the USE shows the q1potential it holds. Blockchain was born with the aim of making our lives better with introducing better products and maintenance of our systems, which although slow, it is indeed gaining pace.

There are many problems that several people have cited with this technology, but now that this technology is being applied in more things than ever, there is a good chance that soon many countries will adapt to it. There are guaranteed more serious problems with our present technologies that blockchain has the power to eliminate.

This seems to be the time when blockchain is going to face the real challenge. If everything goes as planned and the technology is applied successfully to USE, it is only time that can stop it from being spread to more exams in Russia and implementation by other countries.

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