Circle Loses Head of Partnerships to Celo

Chuck Kimble, the Partnerships Head at Circle joins Blockchain startup Celo on February 6.

Kimble and Circle

Chuck Kimble has been associated with Circle for nine months, and he helmed the partnerships division with great prudence.

During his tenure, he helped Circle launch Stablecoin, which is a USD-pegged coin. He will be replicating his role at Celo, where he’ll be heading the strategic partnerships department. He worked in association with the cryptocurrency exchange platform, Coinbase which helped Circle forge a strong offering in the form of Stablecoin.

Previously, Kimble has worked with payments firm, Square as well as Visa. His major stint in the crypto industry was with where he was one of the founding members. At, his work involved helping develop an ecosystem for the growth and development of USD coins.

Before joining Circle, he worked for three years at Dashlane, a firm specializing in password management and digital wallets. During his stint with Square, he worked in four different locations which included Singapore and London.

The Alliance With Celo

Celo was started with the aim of creating a mobile-based crypto-payments network. It works towards incorporating fiat-collateralized stablecoins using a decentralized address-based encryption algorithm. The algorithm directly maps the phone numbers to wallet addresses.

Celo is now hoping to launch it’s financial products to the emerging markets across the world to cater to the underserved populations. It is being touted that Chuck Kimble will be playing a major role in this vision.

Rene Reisenberg, the founder of Celo, poured heaps of praises on Kimble and appreciated his experience in the fintech sector. According to Reisenberg, Kimble’s understanding of how digital payments work can help Celo’s goal of reaching out to people and families with no access to financial services and cryptocurrency.

Celo’s Spree

Celo has been hiring people for important positions in their firm since quite some time. Before Kimble was hired, they hired Brynly Llyr from Ripple in September.

It also gained great prominence amongst the community of investors. It has been the subject of interest amongst financial stalwarts, which include Andreessen Horowitz, Polychain Capital, and Square’s founder Jack Dorsey.

Kimble’s Perspective

According to the statement by Chuck Kimble, he seems to find this new role at Celo quite exciting. He appreciated Celo’s visions and aspirations towards building an ecosystem for the awareness and adoption of digital payments for people with lesser exposure to technology.

Kimble gave out a statement highlighting his contribution towards the development of digital payments and assured that his experience would come handy for Celo, which is looking to expand in a similar domain. Lastly, he also appreciated the current team at Celo, and he will be looking to improve the value of their platform further.

It will be intriguing to see how his role shapes up at Celo with his previous stint lasting only nine months at Circle. However, he has proven to be one of the most active contributors towards building strategic partnerships and alliances for the growth of digital payments and blockchain technology.

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