Samsung Aims to be the Pioneer of Cryptocurrency Mass Adoption

Words on cryptocurrency mass adoption have been doing rounds for a very long time now. However, the closest we have gotten to achieving this mammoth feat is Coinbase making it easy for merchants to accept Bitcoin. As the adoption of Coinbase is by itself not very popular amongst a non-cryptocurrency trader, mass adoption was completely out of the question.

The only way cryptocurrency is going to be adopted by the masses is if it is integrated with a product that is also used by the masses. This helps give cryptocurrency the exposure that it deserves. This is exactly what Samsung intends to do. So, Samsung is all set to launch the much awaited Blockchain Keystore which is a cryptocurrency wallet designed solely for the Galaxy line of devices.

The Launch of the Blockchain Keystore along with the S10

Samsung has hinted about the release of its own crypto wallet for quite some time now. The odds of this being released along with its flagship device, the Galaxy S10 is higher than ever before.

Every year Samsung brings out the next variant of its Galaxy lineup and the whole world waits eagerly for this release. The excitement to see the refined design and the plethora of new features on this smartphone is worth a year-long wait.

The whole phone itself is supposed to be a mystery until it’s the launch date. However, every year, there are several leaked images, features and specifications of the devices. The Samsung Galaxy S10 has also suffered from this. Recently, images of the new Galaxy S10 were leaked online and everyone was mesmerized by the whole new design for this device.

Amongst the leaked images, there was one image which had Samsung’s Blockchain Keystore opened on it. The news about this spread like wildfire and it has further confirmed everyone’s expectation of the Blockchain Keystore being launched along with the S10.

As millions of people buy the flagship Samsung devices, the implementation of the crypto wallet will give cryptocurrency a wider exposure than what it already has. There is a lot of confusion as well as misinformation about cryptocurrency that draws people away from this technology.

However, when a trusted company like Samsung itself integrates a new crypto wallet on its device, it is definitely going to increase the confidence among the people.

The rumored wallet is said to initially support only Ethereum with more cryptocurrencies to be added over time. The wallet offers high-level security by using a biometric lock to secure the private keys. This Keystore wallet brings a convenient way for users to transfer funds from a secure wallet, on the go.


The Blockchain Keystore wallet is a great product developed by Samsung to foster widespread crypto usage. From the leaked images, the wallet can be seen present on the flagship Galaxy S10 device only. However, one can expect this to be available for the other Samsung devices as well.

With Billions of users using the Samsung smartphones, even if a small portion of these users starts using cryptocurrency, it will help in the movement towards mass adoption of this digital asset.

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