Tron is All the Rage in the Current Crypto-market

Tron finds a place on Forbes’ list of ‘Best-Featured Coins’, also finds support pouring in for its plan to airdrop the new BTT tokens.

Tron Hits a Purple Patch

Tron has recently been garnering a lot of attention from experts in the cryptocurrency field. This was the highlighted in the Tron Weekly Journal.

Experts at Forbes have called Tron as one the best-featured virtually with tremendous potential for growth. According to an article published in Tron Weekly Journal, Forbes showered praises on Tron, also known as TRX (see price Tron  TRX). Experts shed a lot on its features for mass adoption, calling it one of the best currencies.

Only three other crypto-assets held the distinction of getting featured in the Forbes’ article titled ‘Identifying The Best Featured Cryptocurrency’, they were Ethereum, Ripple, and Apollo.

Tron Versus Ethereum

According to the Forbes’ article, Tron draws a lot of parallelism with Ethereum. However, when compared side-by-side, Tron gets rid of all the problems that users face with Ethereum. It performs way better on the aspect of scalability. The cost of Tron is also way cheaper compared to Ethereum.

When the performances of Tron and Ethereum were compared, Tron was able to perform 2000 transactions per second. When it comes to smart contracts, Tron foundation provides operations free of cost, while Ethereum requires an amount to be paid for the same.

The Feud With Ethereum

Justin Sun, the CEO of Tron, seems to find the comparison between Ethereum and Tron a gateway to surpassing Ethereum. His recent tweets about Tron’s success compared Tron network with Ethereum, highlighting the number of transactions, amount of accounts, overall scalability etc.

In early 2018, Sun was accused of plagiarizing Ethereum’s whitepaper by Vitalik Buterin, also known as ‘the father of Ethereum’. There were numerous disputes throughout 2018 on Twitter between the CEOs of these two cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, recent reports suggest that they are working toward burying their hatchet. Justin Sun publicly asked Vitalik Buterin on Twitter to help him review Tron’s white paper.

The Airdrop That is Creating Waves

Tron and BitTorrent announced that they are preparing to conduct an airdrop of the BTT Tokens, which were launched recently. This is reportedly a part of the Atlas Project, where both of the platforms will be involved.

This plan of air-dropping BTT tokens found a supporting voice in one of the largest Indian crypto exchanges, Koinex. Koinex announced on Twitter that it has intentions of supporting the upcoming airdrop. It already allows users to trade Tron against fiat INR. Over 34 percent of the trading volume is occupied by the pair.

This news caused an uproar of excitement amongst the users, which was visible in the comments section of the Twitter post. Some users were also curious about the ratio of Tron/BTT that will be airdropped. A few users also went to tag Binance exchange with its CEO, whether they will extend support to the airdrop as well.

However, details regarding the airdrop are not extensively revealed. The airdrop is reported to be spread across Q1 2019.

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