Tron’s TRC 10 Gets a Major Boost From ABCC

Exchange platform ABCC announces a partnership with Tron Foundation at the brink of the niTROn Summit in San Francisco.

Tron Scales New Heights

Tron seems to be rising up on the ladder of success each day. On 9th January, it crossed Tether to occupy the 8th spot overall, in terms of market capital. The same day, exchange platform ABCC announced on Twitter that they were working to list Tron’s TRC 10 and TRC 20 tokens on its platform.

The Twitter announcement was soon followed by an official Tweet which stated ABCC has officially reached an agreement to list TRC-10 tokens. Justin Sun, CEO of Tron, resonated the claim by posting on Twitter that they are ‘glad to partner with ABCC’ and also poured heaps of praises on ABCC by calling it ‘an awesome platform that has witnessed great development.’

ABCC exchange’s website displayed a message on their homepage, soon after the announcement on Twitter. The message states that ABCC is down for a ‘system upgrade’ and all trading activities are discontinued for a period of 6 hours. Subsequently, the exchange platform ceased all deposits, withdrawals, visits, and trades from 04.00 PM to 10.00 PM (UTC +8).

Tron’s Ascent

The news paved way for Tron’s further growth in terms of market capital. On 15th January, Tron’s average trading volume was hovering around $1,656,232,283, with a growth of 4.21 percent, in the last 24 hours itself. It is in a constant race for the 8th spot overall, in terms of market volume. Tron has been trading currently at a unit price of around $0.02548.

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Recently, Tron was also featured in a Forbes’ article which listed it as one of the ‘cryptocurrency with best features’. Getting listed on ABCC was a cherry-on-the-cake moment for Tron as ABCC is one of the biggest trading platforms with users from more than 120 countries. ABCC supports 8 languages and has a daily trading volume of around $40 million.

The news also comes in a blessing as the TRON foundation’s niTROn Summit is scheduled from 17th-18th January in San Francisco, where more announcements regarding the growth and development of TRON can be expected.

‘The First Exchange’

In the Twitter announcement, ABCC claimed that it is the first platform to list TRC 10 on its platform. Justin Sun, CEO of TRON, also agreed upon the claim. However, this enraged a controversy among the cryptocurrency community.

A tweet from the account ‘@Activ8Coin’ suggested that ABCC might not the first platform to list ABCC as this feat has already been achieved. According to the Tweet, the first exchange platform to list TRC 10 was CryTrEx.

It is also interesting to note that ActiveEightCoin, which is a TRC 10 token, was listed on CryTrEx on November 13, 2018. This was way before the announcements made by ABCC. An account by the Twitter handle ‘@cryptocoin_win’ had tweeted about the same on November 13, 2018.[1]

ABCC and Tron did not reply to @Activ8Coin.

It remains to be seen, how fruitful would this new relationship, between TRON and ABCC, turn out to be.

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